Discount Drilling vs. Dollars and Sense

Years ago, an acquaintance of mine asked for a price to drill a Well. I quoted my standard rate to which he replied, “A competitor could do it for a lot less.”  I said that’s a great price but I wondered how the Driller could afford to drill at that price. Knowing the area, the Well should be less than 100 feet deep, with lots of water.  After he had the other contractor drill, the man couldn’t wait to tell me about the great Well and what a great deal it was. The man related that at 60 feet they had more than 30 GPM and they drilled to 180 feet for storage. I thought to myself, with 30 GPM you don’t need extra storage. I would have stopped at 80 feet.  The man saved $2.00 a foot, but his total cost was double the norm.  Additionally, the pump they installed cost more. I have seen Wells drilled in the most unlikely spots with regard to water.  People have property where Brand X drilled three 700 to 1,000 foot dry Wells.  Some Wells have inordinate amounts of very costly steel casing.  Since that first gentleman, I have learned a lot about  the ways and profitability of “Discount Drillers”.  David Nequette 

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