Should A Dry Hole Be Logged & Reported?

YES ABSOLUTELY. For Instance:  In some areas of Huerfano County numerous wells need be drilled to get ‘one’ producing well.  When a person looks into buying property in that county and asks about the well situation, the Realtor may suggest looking up the records on the State’s website.  Good and Bad!  Since it is NOT enforced that dry wells be logged, the prospective buyer sees only producing wells.  Thus he buys the property based on deficient data.  The proud new property owner then contacts a driller and asks about the cost of drilling.  The driller interjects his knowledge of the dry holes in the area to fore-warn the man.  Not liking what he hears and knowing what the State Records reflect, he calls another driller.  This driller says he has a lot of good wells and refers him to the State site.  The man likes what he sees and hears so he hires the second driller who drills the man several ‘deep post holes’.  Then I sometimes get called again. What can I do?  Surprisingly the State does not see this as a problem. If you want to see my post holes see: I’m the Dry-Hole King! — David Nequette

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