Well Tests Are Valuable – Some Wells Are Not!

Having done hundreds of well tests, I can say that a goodly percentage of wells do not produce the amount of water reported on the well log.  This can be a factor of nature but not to the extent that we have seen it.  Some well logs are purely fiction!  Well production can be overstated for many reasons:

  1.  A good well = a happy customer.
  2.  Happy customers pay their bill.
  3.  Good wells are good for the reputation.
  4.  Good ole incompetence.
  5.  A simple typo on the log.

Whatever the reason it can be and has been very costly for many. Well tests have ruined many home sales.  Realtors are not happy, owners are not happy and the buyer is disappointed.  Buyers then attempt to negotiate the asking price sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars.  Some Realtors bad mouth us because our test results cost them sales.  We do well tests for buyers, we do accurate tests and report our findings, good or bad. The same goes when we drill a well because you have a right to know!  — David Nequette

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