Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter

The best place for pipes is in an insulated crawlspace or basement.  Crawlspaces should be insulated on the perimeter walls with all vents closed and air leaks sealed.  The smallest air leak can freeze a pipe when the wind comes from the right direction.  The floor above the crawlspace should not be insulated, this can cause problems with humidity and keep warmth from your pipes.  Mobile homes can benefit from a faux foundation made of rigid foam, you can even stucco it!  Insulating pipes after they enter the home may not be a good idea as the insulation keeps the cold in and the heat from the house out. Think about it!  Heat tapes can be a fire hazard and should only be used as a last resort (follow all directions). I never design a system that relies on a heat tape to operate.  Pipes entering the house closer than 2 feet from an exterior wall may need special care.  Expose them to warm air inside.  Outside — make sure the area is properly drained and possibly add rigid foam insulation over the area.  Remember wet ground conducts cold to the pipe. — David Nequette

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