What Makes Us Different Or Better Than The Competition?

A  few of the big differences are, we drill using water we haul to your site, while all our competitors ‘drill dry’.  The dry drilling method is much faster and more economical but the process can seal off waters in the well bore, conversely these waters are washed clean and allowed to flow when drilling with water.  Minerals/clay lie with water in the fractures or layers of a formation. These combine to form a ‘cake’ of mud on the well bore that seals off water and is nearly impossible to clean off.  Additionally, this causes sediment to be eroded from the well bore and pumped to the house over the life of the well. Proper cleaning of the well bore requires the use of additional waters and sometimes additives like drill foam or a clay reducer.

Development and testing of a well are critical and take a lot of non-productive time and with most contractors needing to save time and money, short cuts are taken. Some local drillers are in bankruptcy, others are near it. These are the “discount drillers” who always have to be ‘creative’ to buy a job and make a buck. We are the only ones who take a 1500 gallon water tank truck to every job. This costs a heck of a lot more than their pickup trucks. The liability insurance alone is staggering for a heavy truck! Doing the job properly takes time and time is money! I will not cut corners nor will I cut my price to the point where I need to “get creative” to be profitable. We have several customers who had wells drilled by other contractors. Their wells were ‘drilled dry’ and came up dry and were left for dry. We went back in these holes, cleaned and developed them properly. The first two that come to mind made 4 and 20 GPM when we finished. And we didn’t even hydro-frack them! We basically just cleaned and tested them! Let me know and I will have Debi look up the contact info for these folks if you wish to contact them. These folks are an exception in that they got a second opinion and were not just talked into drilling a second well. — David Nequette

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