Power Outages And Equipment Damage

Power outages can happen year round and are hard on any electrical appliance or apparatus that is turned on at the time. Power outages are sometimes preceded by fluctuations, dips or short outages.  These voltage surges or spikes are detrimental to TV’s, well pumps, etc.  One of the most damaging times for equipment is the split second that power is restored. As a protective measure at the first sign of an outage, I turn off the main breaker and wait for power to be restored.  With the main breaker off turn the remaining breakers off.  To monitor the return of power leave one breaker on that powers only a fan or lights and turn the main breaker on. When power is restored wait a few minutes, then turn on the remaining breakers, one at a time. These simple steps save your appliances from ‘small heart attacks’.  Additionally we can install surge arresters to protect your pump and appliances.  These help for the times you can’t be there. Protect your pump for as little as $59. — David Nequette

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