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Well Permit Fees & Time Frame To Receive A Well Permit

The time frame to obtain a well permit is more than double at this time. The process is taking approximately 3 to 5 weeks for a well permit application to be received, reviewed and accepted.  In the past, the whole

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All Well Testing Is Not Equal. Test The System

A lot of companies do well tests to verify well production but very few and none I know of locally do a system check.  The pump and pressure tank together with the various components that make up a water system

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Frozen Water Or Sewer Lines A Problem?

A properly installed water line should not freeze.  However a cabin not used regularly that has a slow dripping faucet will build up ice in a sewer line slowly until plugging it.  A little known solution for this problem is

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How Can I Save Money On A Service Call?

Anything that saves us time on the job saves you money — period. One of the main things is ‘access’ to the pressure tank and controls. Some are located in utility rooms full of stuff.  If we have to crawl

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What To Do When Your Pump Quits

Firstly and especially at this time of year, turn it OFF.  Why?  If the line is frozen your pump will continue to run against a dead head condition, this causes up-thrust of the pump impellers.  Most pumps cannot handle up-thrust

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Winter Drilling and …

Wells can be drilled year around.  Anything can be done, but at what expense. Freezing weather, short days, bad roads and snow-covered property create challenges.  Being one who prefers to drill with water in most all formations, this is limited

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When To Use Pipe Insulation Or Not To Use . . .

After seeing a local TV news reporter promoting the use of pipe insulation as a cure for frozen pipes, I thought I should address the issue. Pipe insulation, if used improperly, can make things much worse!  For instance, pipes too

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Well Seals, Styles, Types and Uses

It is required that all wells have a cap/seal that is gasketed to prevent water and insect entry and vented to allow the well to breathe.  The gasket or seal and screened vent should be tight enough to prevent insects

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Power Outages And Equipment Damage

Power outages can happen year round and are hard on any electrical appliance or apparatus that is turned on at the time. Power outages are sometimes preceded by fluctuations, dips or short outages.  These voltage surges or spikes are detrimental

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Things To Consider When Leaving Home . . .

When leaving your home for vacation you may want to consider the following: Turn off the power to your pump and either close the main water valve or drain the pressure tank (unless of course your neighbor needs to water

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