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Why Do I Have Good Pressure Except For . . .

Many have said: “I have low water pressure”. Yet after further conversation most reveal that only one point is affected, usually a sink or a shower.  Most cases prove to be a plugged shower-head, aerator or water restrictor. Some pressure

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My Well’s Going Dry, What Are My Options?

Depending on whom you ask your answers will vary with the contractor’s knowledge and capabilities. A contractor who only does pump work will want to install a Cistern to store extra water for times of high demand. A drilling contractor

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How To Run Your Pump With A Generator

Done properly you can run your well pump with the generator during power outages.  The best way to do this is with an option switch that allows you to run a generator or utility company power.  In one position the

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Well Tests: To Test Or Not To Test??

Generally speaking people purchasing a home or lot with a well should have the well tested.  Along with testing the well the pump and related equipment can be checked for problems.  The water should also be checked for bacteria and

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What Type Of Pipe Is Good For Burial

The old standard K-Type soft copper pipe is still the best if you can afford it. For longer runs we have always gone to plastic. Plastic is the most commonly used water line. There are numerous types; PVC is available

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Check Valves: When And Where To Use Them

A check valve is a simple device that makes sure water moves in only one direction within a pipe.  Typically they are made of brass with a popper or flapper valve.  It’s easy to determine the direction of flow by

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Does A Well Add Value To My Property?

A good well always adds to the value of land. Will you recover the cost of drilling if you sell? Maybe!  If the well is a good producer and is of average depth for the area you might double the

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Dilemma – Steel Casing or Plastic

State Regulation requires ‘steel surface casing’  for the first 20 or 40 feet pending type of  construction and formation. After that it is at the drillers discretion whether to use steel, plastic or nothing at all. Steel casing has a

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Well Pits, Why Not? Or Why I Hate Them …

A well pit with the well inside and the casing cutoff below ground has been illegal for some time. While some still install the pressure tank and controls in pits I prefer not to because of the humidity in pits.

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Well Witching, Dowsing, Divining???

This ancient practice goes by many names most locals refer to it as well witching. Although there is no scientific proof that it works there are untold numbers of believers and practitioners. As a young boy had my father seen

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