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Cabin / Home Kits – What A Deal / Steal?

Fancy internet sites with pictures of beautiful homes. Best of all the price per square foot is very reasonable. You can build it yourself or hire a contractor. Sounds easy and inexpensive. But is it???  First: All they are selling

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BOHIVA III – What Is Creative Drilling?

Creative drilling is my term for Drillers who use any tactic to make a unscrupulous buck.  Again I need to point out that: not all Drillers cut corners.  Remember, wells generally are not inspected unless there has been a complaint.

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Drillers Cutting Corners or BOHICA II

Obviously the Drillers who ‘get creative’ and cut corners in well construction are violating the rules and regs.  Because they are able to do so with impunity; they can drill for a lower cost than a driller who would drill

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Get Set – BOHICA ‘The State Won’t Save You’

Some Drillers are like the wind,  they just never quit and seem to be getting worse.  They are able to reinvent themselves after every catastrophic event.  They continue despite being cited by the State for grave violations of the rules

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Well Data, Why It Pays Big To “Get It Right”

We recently did a well test for a house on the market.  The realtor listed the house as having a 5 GPM well. The well log recorded the production as being 0.5 GPM (a coincidence not a typo).  The well

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Things I’ve Seen and What People Accept!

A few years back I noticed one of my competitors drilled a well about 15 to 20 feet downhill of a sewage leach field we had installed only a couple of years prior.  Recycling is a good idea but… Someone

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The Cost Of A Cowardice and Falsification

Several weeks ago I talked about the costs of getting the wrong data for a Well. The costs are even more extreme when the Well doesn’t make what it’s supposed to make according to the Well Log. A reputable pump

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The Costs Just Keep Adding Up For Some . . .

(A)  The other day we fixed a water line, the people said it was the third repair in 9 years. (B)  We replaced a pump for a lady who said it always had very poor pressure and volume. The pump

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The 3% Solution or the $18,000 Fix

Imagine having built your retirement home, you’re getting close to retirement only to find out you need to replace your well. You only recently had the well drilled but have had nothing but problems since. The well produces so much

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Should A Dry Hole Be Logged & Reported?

YES ABSOLUTELY. For Instance:  In some areas of Huerfano County numerous wells need be drilled to get ‘one’ producing well.  When a person looks into buying property in that county and asks about the well situation, the Realtor may suggest

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