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What To Do When Your Pump Quits

Firstly and especially at this time of year, turn it OFF.  Why?  If the line is frozen your pump will continue to run against a dead head condition, this causes up-thrust of the pump impellers.  Most pumps cannot handle up-thrust

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Pissy Pumps: The 5 GPM Model/Series

The pump mentioned in a previous article wasn’t adequate for two people in one bathroom; it was a 5 GPM series pump. Manufactures generally make pumps in 5-7-10-13 and 18+ GPM models. They offer pumps in different HP and number

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What Should My Pumps Pressure Be Set At?

All standard perma-pressure (bladder tank) water systems should operate with a pressure differential of 20 PSI; that is 20-40 or 30-50 and the new standard of 40 to 60 PSI.  All of the above pressures were at one time the

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Solar Pump/Panel: Factory School Reveals . . .

While there are always new models of pumps and ever evolving solar panels, the bottom line is the low-priced pumps are still inferior and unreliable and the good pumps are still overpriced. With most folks searching the Internet for information

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System Checkup. Why Should I Do It? $$$

Pump Control Box components like relays and capacitors either bad or going bad will cause a pump motor to fail.  Control box prices range from $75 to $150 replacing the pump can be ten times that. Pressure tanks that slowly

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SAND III / Filter Type and Installation

I was recently on a job checking the pressure settings and thought, that’s curious this pump should produce more than that!  Then when the pump shut off, the pressure kept going up???  THE PROBLEM: Someone had installed a filter between

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Pumps — How Long Do They Last?

Some time back I read that the average life of a 4” submersible pump had fallen to less than ten years.  During my first Factory School in 1979 the instructor said the average life for a pump was 15 years

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